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Hezbollah announces the killing of 3 of its members and bombs military barracks of the occupation army

On Sunday, Hezbollah announced the killing of 3 of its members in confrontations with the Israeli occupation army off the southern border of Lebanon, bringing its death toll to 356 since last October 8.

Victims of the Israeli army

Hezbollah mourned, in separate statements, Hussein Muhammad Suwaidan (Hilal), born in 1990, from the town of Adshit Qusayr in southern Lebanon, Nasrat Hussein Shuqair (Jawad), born in 1975, from the town of Al-Sawwaneh in southern Lebanon, and Jalal Ali Daher (Hamza). ), born in 1976, from the town of Houla in southern Lebanon. He pointed out that the three members “rose as martyrs on the road to Jerusalem,” which is an expression the party uses to refer to those killed by Israeli occupation army fire, without details. In this context, Hezbollah announced, today, Sunday, that it had targeted “the 91st Division’s command headquarters in the (Israeli) Pranit barracks with a heavy Burkan missile,” adding that the targeting had “directly hit the headquarters, destroyed part of it, and caused confirmed casualties,” in “response to attacks.” The Israeli enemy attacked the steadfast southern villages and safe houses, especially in the town of Hula.” The party also announced earlier today that it had targeted “a building used by enemy soldiers in the Yaroun colony with appropriate weapons and directly hit it,” in “response to the Israeli enemy’s attacks on the steadfast southern villages and safe houses, especially in the town of Kafr Kila.” For its part, the official Lebanese News Agency said that the outskirts of the southern town of Beit Lev were subjected to Israeli artillery shelling on Sunday, noting earlier that “reconnaissance aircraft were flying heavily over the villages of the western and central sectors.” Since last October 8, Lebanese and Palestinian factions in Lebanon, most notably Hezbollah, have exchanged daily bombardments with the Israeli occupation army across the “Blue Line” separating the two countries, leaving hundreds dead and wounded. In recent weeks, the intensity of escalation between Tel Aviv and Hezbollah has increased, raising fears of the outbreak of an all-out war, especially with the Israeli occupation army recently announcing its “ratification” of operational plans for a “massive attack” on Lebanon. Hezbollah is contingent on stopping its attacks on Israel on the latter ending a war it has been waging with American support on the Gaza Strip since October 7, which resulted in more than 124,000 Palestinian martyrs and wounded, most of them children and women. ​​​​​​

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