The latest developments in the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood on the 278th day (continuous updating

Urgent and important, the file of prisoners in Yemen

Yemeni prisoners

The #Sanaa government will raise, among the list of prisoners required to be released, leaders of legitimacy and reform who are arbitrarily detained by the #Saudi authorities, even though they loyally recruited with it and harmed the Sanaa government a lot. Therefore, any family in Islah and Sharia that has a missing person, please contact me privately. This is how the qualities of honorable men appear, and this is how Commander Abu Jibril proves that he is a patriotic man ably, while others are still scheming and looking for trivial matters in order to increase the siege of Sanaa and its people according to the whim of the American ambassador. If the Saudi authorities approve the proposed names, Sanaa welcomes them and their families to return there if they so wish. Otherwise, they are free to choose their destination. We ask God to reconcile the country and the people, to reconcile hearts, and to hear us well.

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