The latest developments in the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood on the 278th day (continuous updating

During 9 years… martyrs and wounded as the aggression and its mercenaries targeted homes and roads in Saada, Sanaa, and Hodeidah

The latest developments in the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood on the 278th day (continuous updating

Mansour Al-Bakali – On this day, July 9, during the years 2015, 2018, and 2019, the Saudi-American aggression and its mercenaries continued to target citizens’ homes, farms, and public roads in Saada, Sana’a, and Hodeidah. The aggression’s raids, the artillery of its mercenaries, and the movement of its sleeper cells resulted in the assassination of educator Muhammad al-Saraji, a number of martyrs and wounded, the destruction of dozens of homes, farms and roads, waves of fear, panic and sadness in the souls of the people, and ongoing waves of displacement and homelessness. The following are the most prominent crimes of aggression on this day: July 9, 2015.. The tools of aggression assassinated one of the educational staff and wounded another in Sana’a: On this day, July 9, 2015, the tools of the Saudi-American aggression assassinated the educator Muhammad al-Saraji and wounded another with gunshots. In the Sawan area of ​​the capital, Sana’a: The cowardly terrorist operation resulted in the martyrdom of the educator, Muhammad Al-Saraji, and the wounding of another educator who was with him, and a state of fear and panic among the educational staff, educational circles, and students.

The latest developments in the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood on the 278th day (continuous updating

The Saudi-American enemy’s methods of murder and criminality were numerous in the first year of its unjust war on Yemen, and its aerial bombardment was no longer the only method. Rather, it used car and bicycle bombs with it. Despite this, it was not satisfied with using assassinations this time as a new strategy in its killing of the people of Yemen, by mobilizing… Some of its elements and sleeper cells. This time, the aggression moved one of its elements to assassinate the educational academic Muhammad Al-Saraji and wound another, and the elements fled; What reflects the level of hidden hatred against the Yemeni people and their free men, and the attempt to destabilize the internal front, and experiment with this treacherous operation; To repeat it, it succeeded even more horribly. This assassination was not the first and not the last. Rather, it was preceded – from before the aggression and after it – by dozens of operations and hundreds of attempts, which were thwarted by the security services before they occurred over 9 consecutive years. July 9, 2015.. 4 aggression raids targeting the main road in Naqil Yaslah, Sana’a Governorate: On this day, July 9, 2015, the Saudi-American aggression aircraft targeted the main road in Naqil Yaslah, Bilad al-Rus District, Sana’a Governorate. The aggression’s raids resulted in the destruction of a number of turns and slopes on the public road in Naqil Yaslah, the damage to a number of citizens’ cars, a state of fear and panic among their ranks, and the obstruction of traffic for hours.

The latest developments in the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood on the 278th day (continuous updating

Yemen’s roads in general were a strategic target for the aggression’s raids, which destroyed and ruined many of them. To make it easier for it to monitor and target citizens’ cars, the wounded, and food supplies between the Yemeni governorates, regions, and districts, and to cut off the connections of the governorates to each other. The crime of targeting roads in Naqil Yaslah is one of thousands of war crimes against civilian objects committed by the aggression during 9 consecutive years. July 9, 2015.. The aggression’s artillery and raids target homes, farms, and roads in Saada: On this day, July 9, 2015, the Saudi-American aggression targeted citizens’ homes, farms, and the main road, with dozens of air and artillery raids, in Saada Governorate. The aggression raids resulted in the complete destruction of 6 homes in the city of Dahyan, Majz District, displacing its people, between mountains and caves, and damaging the properties and homes of citizens adjacent to them.

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The houses of 6 families – old and young, women and children – were the only shelter for them day and night, from which they went out and to which they could return, but the Saudi-American aggression became too much for them, and aimed to kill them under its roofs, had it not been for God’s care and their displacement from it a few days ago, when Their neighbors’ homes were destroyed. They would have been among the martyrs and wounded, unless they were among those who remained. Dozens of people in the city of Dahyan and other areas of Saada and the rest of the Yemeni governorates have become homeless, and the aggression has deprived them of their dreams of returning to their homes when the war ends. They were among the list of eyewitnesses to its destruction and bombing, and the destruction and devastation now tell a thousand thousand stories and memories of the days and years they spent. . In the Baqim border district, the enemy’s raids, artillery shelling, and cluster bombs resulted in the destruction of dozens of homes, the destruction of farms, the bombing of public roads, and the obstruction of citizens’ movement and displacement, and the arrival of food and medicine supplies and basic needs. Here, farms, houses, bridges, roads, and all citizens’ property are burning with internationally banned cluster bombs. Many tons, large quantities, various formations and sizes, all of which are part of a policy of timely killing and murder, and the destruction and burning of everything that is on the surface of the earth, or that moves on it in Saada Governorate. Houses have become traces after sight, destroyed roads and bridges, pastures and farms where death has become timely and inevitable. Anyone who steps on them, and whose foot or the foot of his livestock, or the tire of his car or truck trample on a cluster here or there, is destined between two options that have no third place: “Death.” Or wounds and disability.” Assassination of childhood and its nature: As for children and shepherds, there are types of bombs with flashing colors and bright, attractive shapes that deceive those who see them and lead him to destruction, when he takes them in his hand and walks to them with his feet, thinking that it is just a toy or a box of candy, or something that resembles household possessions, tools, and furniture. It is assassination. For nature, childhood, and the blessing of sight and heart at the same time. Hundreds of shepherds and their livestock in the districts of Saada and Hajjah governorates were assassinated by clusters of aggression whose shape and color mimicked the desires and whims of onlookers. They were valuable prey that fulfilled more demands for weapon manufacturers of this type, and achieved for the cowardly enemy, the buyer of them, his goal of more deaths and injuries among the children of the resilient people of Bat. His symbol and title, no matter the sacrifices. As is the case with childhood, homes, and farms, it is the case with public roads and bridges in Saada Governorate, where more weapons, explosives, bombs, and missiles were poured into them than were used in World War II. Its roads have become a vital target, enabling the enemy to monitor any movement of a car carrying citizens, or a truck carrying food, medicine, and basic needs, so it dismembers it, tightens its siege on it, and doubles the suffering of citizens in its various directorates, regions, and border areas in a more cruel and unjust manner. During the past 9 years, roads and bridges were an almost daily target, during which the aggression impeded traffic movement, treatment of the wounded and sick, the arrival of food and medicine supplies, and the marketing of agricultural products to citizens outside the governorate. July 9, 2018.. A martyr and 6 wounded, most of them children and women, in the targeting of the aggression’s aircraft and artillery in Saada: In the year 2018 AD, on the same day, July 9, the aircraft and artillery of the Saudi-American aggression targeted the homes of citizens in the Razih border district, Saada Governorate.

The latest developments in the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood on the 278th day (continuous updating

It resulted in one martyr and 6 wounded, most of them children and women, a state of fear and panic in the hearts of citizens, the destruction of homes on top of their residents, damage to the property, farms and homes of neighboring people, and a wave of displacement and homelessness. Razih and its residents, as is the case with the various border districts, are subject to continuous raids by the aggression, and its geographical proximity makes the movement of the people there subject to direct monitoring by Saudi surveillance cameras from the neighboring mountains, satellites, and reconnaissance drones that continue to fly over the airspace of Yemen. On this day, one of the children came out; Fleeing from his mother’s confinement, he headed outside the house, and another was forced by the circumstances and the apparent lack of food items at home to go out to buy them, despite knowledge of the enemy’s monitoring, but it was necessity, which made his images and movement reach the aggression operations room, which saw it as a major achievement and achieving a strategic goal for it. In more killing of the Yemeni people in the border areas that are to be depopulated and turned into a war zone by following the scorched earth policy. The pictures arrived and were followed by orders to quickly target the target with air strikes and artillery shelling at the same time. The crime was committed and the suffering began to increase and increase. The result was one martyr and 6 wounded, most of them children and women. This outcome, according to humanitarian standards, is a war crime and a genocidal massacre, but the United Nations did not pay any attention to this matter, so that it was merely news with figures and numbers to satisfy the appetite of tyrants and arrogant people, while the quality of the targets and their results on children and women confirms the fact that most of Saada’s men are now on the front lines, defending their land. And the sovereignty of their country, and all that remained were those in what remained of the previously bombed homes. Targeting homes over the heads of their residents is one of thousands of war crimes against humanity in Yemen, and a curse to the United Nations, the international community, and all relevant legal, criminal, and human rights bodies, over a period of 9 years. July 9, 2019.. 5 wounded as the aggression mercenaries targeted residential neighborhoods in Hodeidah: On this day, July 9, 2019, the mercenaries of the Saudi-American-Emirati aggression escalated their bombing of residential neighborhoods in a number of districts of Hodeidah Governorate. In Al-Hali District, the aggression’s mercenaries targeted citizens’ homes in the July 7th neighborhood with heavy and medium weapons, resulting in the wounding of a woman and two of her children, a state of fear and panic in the souls of citizens and a wave of renewed displacement. To escape the lines of fire, as is the case in Al-Hawk District, where the aggression’s mercenaries targeted the Al-Rabsa neighborhood with heavy and medium weapons, resulting in a girl being seriously injured, and a wave of fear, terror, and displacement.

In Al-Tuhayta District, the aggression’s mercenaries bombed the Al-Madman area with heavy and medium weapons, resulting in the injury of a citizen, a state of terror and fear, and a wave of displacement towards the unknown. These three crimes on the same day, July 9, bear witness to the extent of the aggression’s mercenaries’ plan to target residential neighborhoods, kill and shed the blood of the people, and destroy their homes and property, in an attempt to force them to displace, and turn them into military barracks in the event that orders are issued by the leaders of the aggression countries for any advance on the city of Hodeidah. It is also a clear and explicit violation of the ceasefire agreement under the supervision of the United Nations

It also reflects the level of disdain the mercenaries of aggression have for the lives and property of the Yemeni people, counting them as mere numbers broadcast and published in the media and outlets, and returning to them a handful of profane crumbs. It even reflects the extent of the complicity of the United Nations, its envoy, and its team with the mercenaries of aggression in the face of such violations that have continued since 2018 AD, and to today.

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