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Hebrew media sheds light on the military arsenal of the armed forces


Hebrew media sheds light on the military arsenal of the armed forces


Special | 09 July| Al Masirah Net: Today, Tuesday, Hebrew media shed light on the qualitative and advanced military arsenal possessed by the Yemeni armed forces. The Hebrew newspaper Maariv, citing a study conducted by the Zionist Institute for National Security Studies, said that revealing the arsenal of weapons possessed by the Yemeni forces is only part of what they possess, noting that the Yemeni forces possess an arsenal of medium- and long-range ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. , anti-ship missiles, attack and suicide drones, and fleets of drones. The Yemenis also have capabilities and skills in the practical use of unmanned systems to carry out deadly attacks. She confirmed that the Israeli economy suffered major economic losses as a result of the operations of the Sana’a military forces in the Red Sea in support and support of the Palestinian people, the most prominent of which is the cessation of activity in the port of Umm al-Rashrash, which is facing a serious crisis that led to a decline in trade between the occupation and the countries of the world. Especially since the port served as a window for exporting many goods. On the other hand, the latest report issued by the United Nations “Relief Web” website, on Tuesday, stated that the joint operations of the Yemeni armed forces with the Iraqi resistance had a very significant impact on the shipping sector in the eastern Mediterranean, especially heading to the ports of occupied Palestine. The report stated that one of the targeted ships, in the eastern Mediterranean, the oil chemical products tanker “Faler”, was recorded while it was in the waters surrounding Haifa. The international recognition is added to the series of American-Western European recognitions regarding the success of the Yemeni armed forces in imposing a comprehensive naval blockade on the navigation of the Zionist entity from the Indian Ocean and the Cape of Good Hope to the Red, Arab and Mediterranean Seas. Regarding the Yemeni siege on the Zionist entity, there was widespread anger and indignation among the Jordanian people, after discovering the involvement of their country’s government in breaking the Yemeni siege on the Zionist entity’s mini-state. According to the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar, on Tuesday, a state of great unrest and popular discontent is escalating after the revelation of the Jordanian regime’s complicity in a new fraud with the Zionist entity in order to break the Yemeni ban on navigation in the Red Sea. The Lebanese newspaper explained that the Israeli occupation imports goods in the name of Jordanian companies, which unload their shipments at the port of Aqaba, and then transport them by land to the port of “Eilat” in the occupied territories. She added that the Jordanian move is not new, as it was preceded by other Gulf countries, most notably the Emirates, which opened a land line with Saudi Arabia and Egypt to ease the burden of the Yemeni siege on the Israeli occupation, indicating that this deception process reveals the stifling economic crisis that the Zionist enemy entity is suffering from, after the expansion of the armed forces. Yemen extended its military operations to the other side of the Mediterranean.

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