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International Data Center: The use of Yemeni drone boats has increased in an unprecedented manner since the sinking of the ship (Tutor)

International Data Center: The use of Yemeni drone boats has increased in an unprecedented manner since the sinking of the ship (Tutor)

The Armed Conflict Locations and Events Data Center, an international non-governmental organization, confirmed that the joint operations of the Yemeni armed forces and the Islamic resistance in Iraq had impacts on the shipping movement linked to the Zionist enemy in the eastern Mediterranean. This is the second confirmation that breaks the barrier of secrecy imposed by the enemy on the results of These operations. The project said in a report published on Monday: “The Israeli forces reported several interceptions consistent with the announcement of the implementation of joint Yemeni-Iraqi operations targeting ships near and inside the port of Haifa.” The report added: “It appears that these attacks have already affected shipping in the eastern Mediterranean,” noting that “one of the targeted ships, the chemical and oil tanker (Waller), was observed turning off its automatic identification system while it was in the surrounding waters.” In Haifa, to hide its path towards Israel. On June 28, the Yemeni armed forces announced the implementation of a joint military operation with the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, targeting the Waller oil ship in the Mediterranean Sea with a number of drones as it was heading to the port of Haifa. This is considered the second confirmation of the Yemeni-Iraqi attacks in the Mediterranean Sea, as the European organization Eurogroup Animals for the Protection of Animals had confirmed in a statement a few days ago that the livestock tanker (Shorthorn Express) was attacked by drones while heading to the port of Haifa. Confirming what the armed forces announced on June 23. These confirmations break the barrier of extreme secrecy imposed by the Zionist enemy on the results of the Yemeni-Iraqi operations targeting ships heading to the occupied ports of Palestine in the Mediterranean, as the occupying entity adheres to complete silence regarding these operations. For fear of its significant impact on the shipping movement it relies on at its last sea port after the closure of the Red Sea. In a related context, the Armed Conflict Data Center confirmed that it had recorded that the Yemeni naval forces had “used drone boats at an unprecedented rate since the attack on the Tutor ship,” noting that it had been recorded that “at least 17 drone boats had been deployed in the Red Sea from June 13 to June 30, which is more than double the number published during the previous five months.” He said that it is likely that the Yemeni armed forces will continue to “increase the use of unmanned boats, especially after the recent unveiling of a new version of the unmanned boat (Tufan), which was announced to be capable of carrying a warhead weighing up to 1,500 kilograms.” “Compared to this boat, the warheads of other weapons used in naval attacks to date range from 15 to 450 kilograms,” the report noted.

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