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Mr. Nasrallah: We will not retreat for a single moment from supporting Palestine

Mr. Nasrallah: We will not retreat for a single moment from supporting Palestine

Al Masirah Net: The Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, confirmed that the resistance in Lebanon will not retreat “for a single moment at all from supporting the truth, even if martyrs fall and homes are destroyed, regardless of the political repercussions that may have.” In the Central Ashura Council at the Master of Martyrs Complex in Beirut, Sayyed Nasrallah called on everyone to do what they can to support Palestine. He said: “Whoever ignores what is happening in Gaza and the injustices being done to Palestine and the support fronts” is dead in mind, heart and soul, adding that “the resistance In Lebanon, the battle of “Al-Aqsa Flood” entered, in support of Gaza and the Palestinian people, full of great spirit, concepts, feelings, will and determination. He believed that the horror of the massacres in the Gaza Strip awakened the human instinct in the West, especially among American university students and their minds, stressing that there is no need to discuss “Israel” and its aggression against the region and the oppression of the Palestinian people. He considered that, “Whoever ignores what is happening in Gaza and the injustices inflicted on Palestine and the support fronts is dead in mind, heart, and soul, and every human being must do what he can do, because on the Day of Resurrection we will be asked about Palestine, and we must prepare the answer for the afterlife.” Sayyed Nasrallah continued by saying: “The clear and obvious right is called Palestine,” according to the standards of international law, human rights, morals, and religions, and this is matched by a falsehood called “Israel.” He added, “Our responsibility is to support the truth, and when we go to support the truth, we will hear noise, clamor, despair, and belittlement. This will have political repercussions, and dear martyrs will fall for us and our homes will be demolished. We say to all of this, are we not in the truth? We do not care and we do not back down for a single moment at all.” He praised the resistance environment and its position on opening the front in support of Gaza, the Palestinian people and their resistance, considering that it has empowered the resistance in Lebanon with its solid position and strong presence, and he confirms that the resistance is in its right place.

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