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The dangers of Saudi ignoring the Leader’s warningsthe end of the Saudi economy

The dangers of Saudi ignoring the Leader’s warningsthe end of the Saudi economy

Private| 09 July| Al Masirah Net: The American-Saudi aggression and its mercenaries were not satisfied with what they did during the past nine years, the siege and the senseless war on Yemen, with an American, British, and Israeli green light. Rather, he moved towards crazy, stupid steps aimed at starving the Yemeni people and economically attacking them, and in return leading to a comprehensive war, destructive to the Saudi economy, and a global oil crisis, as the Leader – may God protect him – in his last speech on the occasion of the advent of the new Hijri year 1446 AH, imposed the deterrence equation. Economy, stressing that Yemen will meet every Saudi step with a similar step. Disastrous effects and huge losses: In this regard, economic expert Salim Al-Jaadbi believes that the warning of Commander Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi – may God protect him – to the Saudi regime is an explicit warning, and it comes in response to the economic measures taken by the mercenaries during the past weeks, which were the demand to transfer banks. From the capital, Sana’a, to Aden, which is under occupation, and the imposition of the siege on Sana’a International Airport, and on Yemeni Airlines, and the arbitrary measures against Yemeni Airlines, and their attempt to close the port of Hodeidah. He believes that the Saudi regime must realize that the economic deterrence equation launched by Mr. Leader, which consisted of targeting “banks with banks and ports with ports,” is the equation of a comprehensive war that will end trillions of dollars and destroy its economy, especially since his country is considered a financial market containing three trillion dollars. Meaning we are talking about three thousand billion dollars. He confirms that if the Saudi regime gets involved with the Americans in its aggression against Yemen, it will cause danger to itself, and this is a dangerous issue for Saudi Arabia, because it is a financial market that contains a financial exchange, and there are many financial companies that contribute, and thus it will have disastrous effects, and also a disastrous effect. It affects the international financial reputation, and leads to credit transfer, especially in international credit agencies, and will lead to the migration of capital, whether internal or external, or the migration of foreign investments, and this constitutes catastrophic effects and major losses on the Saudi economy. Destroying 90% of the Saudi economy: As for the equation of ports with ports, Al-Jaadbi confirms that the port of Hodeidah is compared to the ports of Saudi Arabia, which are considered strategic ports, and pose a danger to the economy of the Saudi regime if they are targeted. Because they are considered oil ports, through which the Saudi regime exports its crude oil production, in addition to many petrochemical products, and many products that the Saudis consider to be vital chemical or oil products, and therefore any stupid or escalatory step by the Saudi regime against the port of Hodeidah will lead to… To target and close it, in addition to targeting many projects that depend on the marine project, especially the “NEOM” project launched by the Saudi regime, at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars. This affects the Saudi economy, which depends on 90% of oil revenues, and will return Saudi Arabia to a stage Before oil, in addition to Sanaa International Airport versus Saudi airports, which represent a lot for the Saudi economy. According to the economic expert Al-Jaadbi, the Saudi economy today is going through a catastrophic phase and a bad economic reputation, especially after the last Hajj season, in which more than a thousand pilgrims died, and thus a source of Saudi revenues has been affected, which is considered a means to blackmail the Arab and Islamic nation, in addition to vital projects. Launched by Bin Salman’s Vision 2030, which includes projects costing hundreds of billions of dollars, especially the “NEOM” project, which amounts to about one trillion five hundred million dollars, and therefore all of these projects will be affected in the event of Saudi involvement with the American, and (Petrodola) will end within The dual economic deterrence equation on the American and Saudi economies launched by Mr. Leader. Therefore, the economic deterrence equation (banks for banks, ports for ports, and airports for airports) is considered the end of the Saudi economy, which is represented by (a financial market with a size of 2.7 trillion dollars, and an economy whose structure depends on 90% of oil and petrochemicals, and oil ports that export 6 million barrels per day). An oil reserve of approximately 400 million barrels, airport traffic of 112 million passengers annually, air freight of 918 thousand tons of goods annually, and container movement of 12 million containers annually. The rise in global oil prices: For his part, economist Rashid Al-Haddad says: The economic deterrence equation launched by Mr. Leader – may God protect him – came after it was proven that Saudi Arabia allowed American aircraft to move and target Yemen, and it was also proven that it was involved in standing behind the measures taken by the mercenaries from the Bank of Aden to target the national economy and many state institutions, and therefore any Saudi involvement With the Americans, this will lead to very large losses in the economy of the Saudi regime, as it may lose the ports of “Yanbu” and other important and strategic ports through which Saudi oil is exported to international markets, stressing that the equation and the fiery message launched by Mr. Leader reaches the Saudi regime, and pushes it toward… Appeasement, especially since the message included stopping Saudi oil exports and preventing their movement from targeting oil ports, which will cause huge losses to Saudi Arabia and an increase in oil prices worldwide, especially since Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that exports crude oil to the world.

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